“As for myself, the wonderful sea charmed me from the first”

Joshua Slocum, Sailing Alone Around the World.


I think my love for the sea started with my grandfather, an artist, sometimes poet and fishing enthusiast – and above all an amazingly good person– who used to take me on his fishing adventures. I was then only six or seven years old but can still remember those early mornings when we used to sit on the beach and watch the sunrise.  We seldom used to catch any fish, yet those memories remain very special to me.

I started sailing many years later as a teenager and this brought new dimensions to my love for the sea. I found in sailing a sense of freedom and enjoyment that I rarely had felt elsewhere. The idea of travelling using natural forces only has brought a strong appreciation for simplicity and independence. It was suddenly possible to escape the rush and obligations of modern life and go back to basics, even if only for a few hours. When I was sailing I felt as a child again, or even more than ever before (and now a couple of decades later I still do). Well, this is how I got hooked.

With this passion for sailing also grew a strong desire – almost an obsession– for learning everything about it. This learning experience has also been a fascinating part of my sailing life and a truly multifaceted one. Sailors need to develop understanding of wind and how it interacts with sails, currents, tides, navigation, meteorology and the marine environment, to mention only a few. But for the class of sailing enthusiasts with whom I sympathise most, sailing goes far beyond technical apprenticeship. It is about life and living in the present, reconciling what many say are contradictory emotions, and improving through experience. Passion, fear, courage, peacefulness, adventure… all need to live together within a space that is usually no longer than 40 feet. It gives us some of the best opportunities for self-improvement.

My pilgrimage through learning how to sail has been a delightful experience, which I like to regard as an endless voyage (I still have a lot to experience and learn!). In this website I want to share this passion for sailing and provide information that is hopefully useful for all learning levels, from beginners to more experienced sailors. Whether you want to cruise the world or simply enjoy a few hours of fresh air at sea, I hope you will find the website useful, insightful and inspiring.  I’d also love to hear your stories and to learn from you, so please share your experiences with us!

Finally, there is a glorious absurdity in hopping on a boat and sailing towards unknown weather and sea conditions simply for the sake of doing it. If you’ve reached this paragraph, you probably find this as fascinating as many of us do, so please, welcome aboard!